Kidney Dialysis: A Solution or a Problem?

Kidney Daylsis

Kidney Dialysis: A Solution or a Problem?
Can dialysis replace the function of healthy kidneys or does it worsen the damage?

Chronic kidney diseases such as diabetic nephropathy, nephrotic syndrome, kidney stones/renal calculi, polycystic kidney disease (PKD) weaken the physiology of the kidneys. Such kidney diseases render the kidneys with inefficient filtration of waste from the bloodstream. In case of End-Stage Renal Failure (ESRD), people generally opt for dialysis. Dialysis is a painstaking and costly process which exerts more workload (filtration) on the already damaged kidneys. In the case of a kidney failure, about 80% of nephrons are already damaged so the pressure of dialysis is tolerated by the remaining 20% of functional or semi function nephrons. With such overload, what you think will happen to your precious kidneys? Moreover, kidneys are crucial endocrine glands i.e. they produce and release hormones into the bloodstream such as erythropoietin & calcitriol. The absence of such hormones may also lead to anemia & other deficiencies. How can the synthetic process of dialysis replenish such vital hormones?

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Natural Ayurvedic solution for renal failure

How did the ancient man tackle chronic kidney diseases (CKD), when there were no dialysis options or kidney transplant options? Ayurveda offers healthy ways to avoid kidney dialysis (hemodialysis) by naturally reducing creatinine level & blood urea levels through herbs. Such herbs can potentially minimize dialysis frequency & eventually stop kidney dialysis to diminish the need for renal transplants. Ayurvedic Kidney Repairing Herbs can repair/restart the damaged/non-functional nephrons to a desirable extent to maintain an equilibrium of electrolytes, ensuring a progressive increase in Glomerular Filtration Rate (>60ml/min/1.73m2). Ayurveda also prioritizes balanced electrolytes i.e. maintaining the optimum levels of sodium, potassium etc. to establish optimal blood urea levels & reduced creatinine levels.

Kidney Repairing Herbs with specific nephron repairing properties due to effective natural compounds are naturally beneficial in avoiding dialysis. Following the active principle, such natural compounds act on the damaged cells with quicker rates of molecular assimilation/absorption. Specialized Ayurvedic formulations also contain natural pearls which positively catalyze the impact of such herbs. Thus, the natural kidney care diminishes the chances of full kidney impairment, further progression to end-stage renal diseases (ESRD) and need of a kidney transplant.

Nirogamz Uramrit “Supports proper functioning of Kidneys and adrenal gland”

  • Acts as a natural diuretic and detoxifier.
  • Maintains optimum kidney health.
  • Helps to flush out toxins from the kidney.

Nirogamz Uramrit is an Ayurvedic formulation which cleanses and nourishes the urinary tract. This energizing natural formulation supports a healthy, unobstructed urinary tract and soothes the urinary system. It is a kidney tonic which helps to fight the various kidney diseases.


Renal Care “Rejuvenates kidneys by maintaining healthy urinary system”

  • Supports healthy urinary functions.
  • Supports healthy elimination of toxins from kidneys.
  • Helps to cleanse the urinary system.

Renal Care is a rejuvenating tonic for the kidneys and adrenals. It supports healthy urinary flow. It increases the flow of urine which flushes kidney wastes and lowers the urinary oxalates. It helps to strengthen the urinary system and supports the entire urinary tract including the kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters, and urethra.


  • Ayurvedic Wellness Products are sustainably harvested from Nature itself
  • So far, there have been NO Documented Side-Effects.
  • So what are you waiting for?
  • Let Nature take care of your healthy kidneys!
  • And we are available 24×7 if you need any assistance.

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