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August 2020 – Om Pharma Ayur

Monthly Archives: August 2020

Chronic Kidney Disease : Ayurvedic Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease

According to Ayurveda, CKD is a disease of Mutravaha Srotas (excretory system). A faulty diet /improperly cooked food (Viruddh ahar), & lifestyle factors (Viruddh Vihar) hampers all the three Doshas (Bio elements) as well as all the Dushyas (Tissues) of body, Kapha (Fluid element) is responsible for blocking microvessels and developing microangiopathy. Vata (Air element) […]

How Ayurvedic Treatment for CKD (Chronic Kidney Diseases) is beneficial?

CKD stands for chronic kidney diseases which cause kidney failures if proper treatment is not provided. The mainstream Ayurvedic treatment of CKD is regular dialysis or a kidney transplant operation. Kidneys are some of the most adaptable organs in the human body. This means that if you have a problem in your body, your Kidneys […]

How useful and safe is the Ayurvedic treatment in polycystic kidney disease?

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder and is caused by an abnormality in certain genes. In this fluid-filled cysts are formed in the kidneys. These cysts are non-cancerous in nature and may vary in size. If there is a presence of a single cyst on your kidney, then you don’t need to worry […]