Natural Care for Paralysis Attack

If you are on a steep slope, and the escape seems impossible, Ayurveda can help you  

Ayurveda has AUTHENTIC & NATURAL ways to support these conditions.

It can naturally speed up the recovery to the desired extent.

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Natural solution for paralysis stroke: Recover naturally from paralysis

Paralysis is a temporary or permanent loss of neuromuscular function. It occurs due to trauma, nerve damage, multiple , stroke, cerebral palsy etc. The ancient Ayurvedic scholars have termed paralysis as Pakshaghata”, which is caused by the vitiation of air circulation (Vata Dosha) in the nervous system. The natural therapeutics of paralysis encompasses a combination of internal and external therapies (Panchakarma) with scientifically documented herbs for paralysis which have proven to be efficacious in restoring adequate air circulation within the body.

Natural solution for paralysis

The ancient medical science of Ayurveda has described the following natural therapies for paralysis which can naturally remove the associated root causes.

Avoidance of aetiological factors (Nidana Parivarjan): Avoidance of aetiological factors is highly recommended to manage the risk factors of paralysis such as hypertension, heart disease, trauma etc.

Bio-cleansing therapies (Sanshodhana Chikitsa): The Ayurvedic methods such as oleation/massage (Snehana), hot fomentation (Swedana), therapeutic emesis (Vamana), purgation (Virechan) etc. naturally speed up the recovery from paralysis. With our knowledge based on several case studies of existing patients, we have established that the natural Ayurvedic therapies for paralysis can effectively support the recovery of the damaged organs of the body.

Natural conservative therapy (Sanshaman Chikitsa)- The Sanshaman Chikitsa is a conservative natural therapy that constitutes a change in diet, performing physical activity and use of authentic Ayurvedic herbs. These herbs exert natural thrombolytic effect and facilitate to improve collateral circulation and blood supply to the affected areas which help to regain muscle movement. The herbs having a pungent taste (Katu Rasa), hot potency (Ushna Virya), & sharp nature (Tikshna Guna) dry up the accumulated fat (Lekhana) & remove the obstruction in the capillaries (Vibandhahara). Natural ingredients of such herbs balance the vitiated air circulation which is the root cause of paralysis. The main objective of natural therapy is to repair the damaged or semi-functional nerves with the help of natural herbs, Yoga, diet, and massage.

Nirogam Rheumo Care “Removes deep toxins in the neuromuscular system with Himalayan Shilajit

  • Aids healthy joints & muscle-skeletal system
  • Acts as a natural thrombolytic agent
  • Restores the integrity of the blood vessels.
  • Rejuvenates & strengthens joint mobility

Abnormalities in tau protein are primary events that can lead to neurodegeneration in paralysis attack. Rheumocare has Shilajit (mineral pitch) as its main component. Shilajit has fulvic acid (approx 60% to 80%) which is responsible for its natural curative properties. The fulvic acid is known for its strong antioxidant actions and for the prevention of tau protein self-aggregation into pathological filaments. Hence, Rheumocare is the best choice for paralysis.

Shallaki herb present in Rheumocare consists of triterpenoids (boswellic acids). Triterpenoids preserve the structural integrity of joint cartilage and maintain a healthy immune mediator cascade at a cellular level. They naturally act against the pain and inflammation by inhibiting leukotriene synthesis. In Ayurveda, Shallaki is said to be synergistic enhancer (Yogavaha). The organic components of Shallaki play important role in transporting different mineral substances to their cellular targets. Therefore Shallaki helps in the natural therapy of paralysis.

Time tested natural remedies for paralysis

  1. Mustard Oil: Applying Mustard Oil on the affected part of the body is very effective during paralysis.
  2. Garlic: Garlic is also another effective home remedy for paralysis. Take 5 to 6 slices of Garlic and grind them. Now add two spoons of honey to Take this mixture daily.
  3. Kalonji Oil (Nigella Sativa Oil): Massage with lukewarm Kalonji oil on the affected part.

Yoga Asana / Pranayama / Exercises for Paralysis

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma viloma), Humming Bee Breath (Bharamri), Left nostril breathing (Chandra Bhedana Pranayama)-  According to Ayurveda, Yoga & Pranayama help in releasing heat from the body, relieve stress, anxiety, regulate blood pressure and calm your mind from all the worries from which a paralytic patient is suffering.

Childs pose (Balasanas), Mountain pose (Parvatasana), Half Spinal Twist (Ardamatsyenderasana)-

This Asana collectively helps in balancing the body, stretching of shoulder muscles, back muscles and spinal cord during paralysis. Deep breathing with all these poses regulates the blood circulation and improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Stretching Exercises- According to the lesion and severity of the disease (spasticity or flaccidity of muscles) these exercises help in obtaining a range of motion in joints, aid in muscle lengthening, increase blood circulation, and initiate nerve conduction.

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