Natural Care for Stroke Prevention

A reduced or interrupted blood supply to the brain leads to the death of brain cells which ultimately leads to brain hemorrhage or stroke. A stroke can be caused by a blocked artery (ischemic stroke) or a leaking/ruptured blood vessel (hemorrhagic stroke). For the most part, a sedentary lifestyle and faulty dietary regimen are the major contributors for such conditions.  

According to the ancient medical science of Ayurveda, stroke is closely related with Pakshaghata (paralysis). Such conditions arise due to atherosclerotic changes in the blood & malfunctioned circulatory microchannels. While the obstructions in cerebral vessels (caused by deposition of fat/cholesterol (Kapha/Meda) contribute to an ischemic stroke, the hemorrhagic stroke occurs due to the high blood pressure or the trauma.  All these scenarios affect the body & dry up blood vessels (Sira)/tendons (Snayu) leading to the loosening (Vimoksha) of the neuromuscular joints (Sandhibandha). As a result, that body part suffers from the loss of sensation.

Natural solution of stroke

The natural and holistic system of Ayurveda focuses on improving the blood supply to the penumbra area by enhancing the collateral circulation and by removing the obstructions in the affected blood vessels with powerful herbs via the following protocol: –

Avoidance of etiological factors (Nidana parivarjana) – Ayurveda focuses on the root cause of this disease. Hence, a strict diet & lifestyle are recommended to be followed for preventing the stroke. For instance, excessive intake of salt, fats, chilies, junk/spicy food, tea, and coffee etc. which give rise to hypertension, acute encephalitis, heart disease have been prohibited.

Herbs therapy (Sanshaman Chikitsa) – Natural Ayurvedic wellness supports are commonly used to prevent the associated complication of the stroke. In the situation of a stroke, the natural therapy encompasses the usage of herbs which have pungent (Katu), dry (Ruksha), & hot potency (Usna Virya). These herbs possess the natural nervine (Nadibalya), anti-inflammatory (Shophahar), & rejuvenating (Rasayana) properties to nourish and strengthen the body tissues (Dhatuvardhak/Pushtikar),

Bio-cleansing therapies (Samshodhana chikitsa) – Oleation (Snehana), Hot fomentation (Svedana), Purgation (Virechana ) etc. are also recommended as these are very effective in a speedy recovery of the stroke patient.

Cardio Support “A rejuvenating combination for your heart and circulatory system”

  • Supports healthy blood circulation.
  • Promotes and strengthens the muscles of the heart.
  • Maintains healthy cholesterol level.
  • Protects your heart against fear, anxiety, & repressed emotions.

Cardio Support is based on previously unexplored extraordinary Ayurvedic principles and practices to prevent stroke. Our research scholars have pioneered the anciently renowned scientific principles for a natural solution to enhance the blood flow of the heart. These unique channel cleansing herbs (Srotoshodhak) support the heart by preventing the blockage of the arteries and promote sufficient oxygen supply to the affected parts of the brain. Regular use of Cardio Support improves the pumping activity of the heart by improving the strength of heart muscles. Cardio Support also decreases LDL cholesterol levels and cleanses the blocked arteries. Natural ingredients of Cardio Support (Rudraksha in particular) promote natural relaxation by reducing the excess body heat. It provides calmness to the body, mind, and soul.

Cephala Go “Naturally Support Neurological and Arterial System”

  • An effective remedy to prevent recurrence of stroke.
  • Powerful neurological support, helpful in combating hypertension.
  • Promotes blissful sleep, stops the acute head pain, & relieves stress.

Cephala Go is an effective cerebral booster. The wellness support is a powerful tonic for brain and nervous system. It is also effective in preventing fat accumulation in the arteries and recurrence of stroke. It acts as an Adaptogen that alleviates neurological afflictions responsible for mental stress. Cephala Go is a unique dietary supplement which acts as an excellent stress reliever by regulating the optimum blood pressure.

 Dietary guidelines to prevent brain stroke

  • Include fibers like oats, wheat, whole grain cereals, pulses, legumes, sprouts fruits, and vegetables in your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water & only use 3 teaspoons of oil in your foods/day (a less than half a liter per month).
  • Avoid fried foods, bakery products, snacks, non-vegetarian diet, egg yolk, carbonated beverages, saturated fats, table salt, sugary foods (cake, pudding, cream, chocolate, & jaggery), starchy vegetables (potato, jackfruits, yam, taro root, & sweet potato etc.).

Yoga Pranayama /Asana/Exercise in Stroke

Anuloma viloma /Sheetali /Udgeeth Pranayam: – All these help in neurological/respiratory cleansing & detoxification of the body of the stroke patients.  These also aid in releasing excess heat from the body, relieving stress/anxiety, regulate blood pressure and calming your mind.

Savasana(Corpse Pose) /Childs pose(Balasana)/Parvatasana /Ardha Matsyenderasana: – All these collectively help to stretch shoulders, back muscles and spinal cord to fight against the manifestation of stroke. Deep breathing with all these poses regulates the blood circulation and improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Exercises-PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation): – Different techniques of PNF initially work on stretching & strengthening of the muscles. These exercises improve functional independence in a stroke patient.

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