Bundle Branch Blockage

A blockage or delay in the conduction of electrical impulses that stimulate the heart to beat is known as bundle branch blockage. This condition occurs due to an injury (medical/accidental) to bundle branch or fascicle. As a result of this condition, the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently. According to ancient Ayurvedic medical science, such diseases are described under Hridya Roga which occurs due to the vitiation of circulation (Vyan Vayu). In simple words, this disease is related to resistance in the electrical transmission (Gati) i.e. a conduction disturbance of electrical impulse which results in both RBBB & LBBB (Right & Left bundle branch blockage).

Natural therapies for bundle branch block

Natural therapy of Ayurveda focuses on proper dietary habits, Yoga, Pranayama, along with time-tested authentic herbs. These powerful herbs can potentially restore the optimum electrical signal conduction across the Purkinje fibers. These herbs balance circulatory mechanism (both electrical & myocardial) which is the root cause of bundle branch block. Also, the ingredient of these herbs successfully manages the electrical conduction disturbance by providing strength to myocardial tissues.

“Rejuvenating combination for healthy circulatory system”

  • Supports the healthy neuromuscular junction of heart.
  • Supports healthy blood circulation.
  • Promotes and strengthens the muscle of the heart.
  • Protects your heart against fear, anxiety, & repressed emotions.

This natural combination can naturally restore the electrical conductivity of the heart. Regular use of Cardio Support improves pumping activity of the heart by improving the strength of heart muscles. Cardio Support also decreases LDL cholesterol levels and cleanses the blocked arteries. Natural ingredients of Cardio Support (Rudraksha in particular) promote natural relaxation by reducing excess body heat. It provides calmness to body, mind, and soul. It also reduces edema due to its diuretic action and decreases retention of water and hence helpful in maintaining optimum blood pressure.

Diet for Heart health

  • Include whole grain like whole grain wheat, oats, porridge, pulses, legumes, and sprouts in your diet.
  • All green leafy vegetable like spinach, lettuce, beans, capsicum, cabbage etc. are good for health.
  • Include fruits like apple, papaya, guava, pear, pomegranate, strawberries in the diet.
  • Include nuts, seeds, and double-toned milk (curd, yogurt, & buttermilk) in the diet.
  • Avoid fried foods, bakery products, carbonated beverages (coke, diet coke, energy drink and squash), sugary foods (jams, glucose, cake, pudding, & cream), preparation of refined flour, corn flour, starchy foods.
  • Avoid saturated fats (butter and refined oil), table salt, & oily/spicy pickles.

Pranayama/Yoga/Exercise for bundle branch blockage

Pranayamas: Sheetali/Anulom Vilom: – These pranayamas calm the mind, relieve stress/ anxiety, cleanse and strengthen the heart tissue to reduce the fight and flight responses.

Yoga Asana: Shavasanas/Tadasana: – These Yoga Asanas lower the blood pressure, bad cholesterol, improve heart rate and blood circulation. They are the most effective way of dealing with stress.

Rehab exercises: – Start with Low-intensity exercises (3-4MET): Level walking (3mph) and bicycling (6mph) progressing to 4-5 MET’s: Walking (31/2mph) and bicycling (8mph), rowing water aerobics. Short exercise sessions 4 times a week (15-30 minutes). This increases heart rate to combat the slow heart rate during bundle branch blockage.

Precautions: Avoid unstable angina (chest pain), acute illness or fever, & uncontrolled diabetes. Start only when the patient becomes stable. Do not hold breath in any of the exercises to avoid Valsalva maneuver. Avoid high-intensity exercises (HR should not exceed >180 beats/min) with necessary warm-up and cool down periods. All these practices should be performed under an expert’s advice.

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