Natural Therapies for Bronchial Asthma in Ayurveda and its management

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Dr. Navdeep Sharma
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Bronchial asthma is described as Tamak Shwas in the medical science of Ayurveda (Science of life). It is a disease of the respiratory system (Pranvaha Srotas). In asthma the elasticity of alveoli of lung is severely hampered due to environmental factors (pollution) or other underlying reasons. The reverse air flow (vitiated Vata) causes tightness over the head-neck region and vitiates the mucus production (Kapha Dosha) which develops cold (rhinitis). The resultant aggravation leads to obstructive airway passages (Pranavaha Srotas Avrodh).


Such obstructions often lead to a wheezing sound with difficulty in breathing.Ayurvedic solution of bronchial asthma focuses to balance the vitiated bodily humors (Doshas) & clears the obstructed airways by removing excess of mucus (Kapha) to achieve normal inhalation and exhalation. Natural therapies for bronchial asthma also prevent unnatural thirst, running nose, loss of taste, and loss of appetite.

Asthma attack & Ayurveda

The 5000-year-old ancient Ayurvedic texts have well documented respiratory disorders viz. cough (Kasa), breathing difficulties (Shwasa), sinusitis (Peenasa), rhinitis (Pratishyaya), and many more. The main aim of natural therapy of asthma is to improve the elasticity of alveoli which further reduces severity and frequency of asthma attacks. The Ayurvedic care of asthma also increases the threshold of various allergens. Natural solution for asthma aims at balancing the aggravated bodily humor (Vata and Kapha Doshas). Asthma natural therapy includes the following: –

Elimination of vitiated Doshas from the body (Sanshodhan Chikitsa) – lubrication (Snehan), oleation therapy (Swedan) followed by induced emesis/ purgation (Vamana/Virechan) to remove the mucus plugs present in the airways (Pranavaha Srotas).Asthma quick relief is achieved by redirecting the air (Vata) to its normal direction and by restoring normal breathing. The above protocols vary during asthma in babies, asthma in children, asthma during pregnancy, asthma in adults, & asthma in elderly as per digestive power (Agnibala), muscular power (Dehabala), constitution power (Prakritibala) of the patients.

Elimination of vitiated Doshas within the body (Shaman Chikitsa) – Additionally, asthma action plan includes removing the mucus from the lungs (Nirharana) & redirect the Vata in its normal direction (Vatanulomana) with authentic herbs that balance the vitiated Doshas within the body. Such herbs have a natural property of removing mucus from the lungs along with redirecting the Vata in its normal direction. The natural care for asthma also insists on improving the digestive fire (Agni: root cause), enhancing the life sap (Ojas), and elimination of toxins (Ama).

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“Acts as expectorant by naturally removing mucus from the lungs”

  • Balances all bodily humors (Doshas).
  • Enhances the elasticity of alveoli.
  • Increases the threshold of allergy.

“Supports natural function of immune system & promotes natural immunity”

  • Acts as anti-inflammatory in case of asthma.
  • Redirects Vata in its normal direction.
  • Promotes the exclusion of natural toxins.

Nature can potentially restore the health of all respiratory entities. The natural wellness supports provide strength to the lungs which are a primary need in this condition. The wellness supports act as natural expectorant with potential anti-inflammatory components to resolve chest and upper respiratory tract problems. These herbs significantly boost the immune system. The natural ingredients stimulate the optimized blood flow towards the lungs. The natural formulas can open up bronchial tubes. Such natural remedies have a reputation for healing asthma, sinus infections. It is also a decongestant for cold which soothes sore throats, and suppression of coughs. If used as per our guidelines, the patients can get rid of unhealthy mucus and phlegm. The wellness supports nourish the lungs and soothes the throat while eliminating unwanted congestion. These products are well equipped with expectorants to soothe nasal passages, relax the respiratory muscles, and calm the release of histamines.

Natural remedies for asthma

  • Mixture of 1 tsp of honey, pepper, and a small quantity of onion juice is effective in asthma.
  • Drink mixture of 1 tsp of turmeric powder and 1 glass of milk is very beneficial in dissolving and removing mucus from lungs naturally.
  • Put two drops of Eucalyptus oil in boiling water and inhale the steam slowly.
  • External oleation with Til oil added with Saindhava Lavana(rock salt) particularly over the chest and back is very effective for asthma
  • Mucus dissolving (Kapha Shamak) property of garlic liquefies the unhealthy accumulation of mucus naturally.

Diet for asthma

  • Avoid brightly colored and carotenoid foods like carrot, sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, strawberries, berries etc.
  • Include vitamin C & E rich foods (leafy vegetable, citrus fruits, cruciferous veggies, nuts seeds healthy oil) in the diet.
  • Intake of Omega 3 rich foods, nuts, seeds, whole grain cereals, and pulses are good for health during bronchitis and asthma.
  • Avoid trans-fat, sugary foods, fried foods, processed foods, refined flour and refined oils.

Yoga Asana for asthma / Pranayama for asthma / Exercises for asthma

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) / Sithu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose) / Purvottasana (Upward Plank Pose):- These poses expand chest, increase blood circulation, & improve oxygen in the body. They improve the working of your respiratory system and keep a check on your hormone system.

Nadi Shodhan Pranayama (Alternate nostril breathing) & Kapalbhati (Skull shining breathing technique):- This alternative nostril breathing technique helps in relieving the accumulated stress of the body and the mind. This breathing technique helps in gaseous exchange in lungs to exhale out the retained CO2. This pranayama can efficiently improve your exhalation (CO2 retention is the main cause of obstructive disease like asthma).

Diaphragmatic Breathing & Pursed lip Breathing: – They help to prevent breathing abnormalities. They increase air redistribution to the lungs, maximize oxygen, and relieve dyspnea. This technique prevents trapping of air into lungs. It enhances the distribution of air in all lobes of lungs and reduces the difficulty of breathing.

*Caution: Perform under the supervision of a medical expert.

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