Natural Aid for Autism

Ayurveda’s natural protocols for autism are focused on removing toxins from the nervous system while rejuvenating, nourishing and energizing the cells of the body & brain. Under the aegis of our expert of Ayurveda, Dr. Navdeep Sharma (Globally-Renowned Ayurvedic Healer: BAMS-MD-Ph.D. in ROLE OF AYURVEDIC HERBS IN PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS) & his expertise in various mental disorders, we have performed extensive research and development to formulate natural supplements that support the healthy functioning of the brain while improving intelligence, & learning capabilities in kids & adults suffering from autism. Dr. Navdeep Sharma who represented Ayurveda at the British Parliament where he proposed to uptake Ayurveda as the mainstream treatment system in the UK, has been a part of various prestigious international events on Ayurveda in Dubai, UK, and the USA.

Ayurveda & Autism: Natural solution for Autism

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact. It occurs due to vitiation of bio-elements (Tridosha) with a predominance of movement force (Vata Dosha) and particularly Prana Vata which is seated in the mind-controlling all mental functions such as speech, concentration, memory, learning, and neurological response. Vitiation of bio-elements (Tridosha) leads to derangements (Khavaigunya) of microchannels (Srotas) which nurture the mind (Manas). Such derangements occur as a consequence of epigenetic toxic influences, post-natal factors, (Agantuja), and genetic (Sahaja) factors. All these lead to short-term memory i.e. altered grasping power (Dhi), analytical power (Dhriti), and retention/recall (Smriti).

Ayurvedic natural therapies (Yuktivyapashraya Chikitsa) play a vital role in managing Autism in children. Further, the dietary supplements, Yoga, & Panchakarma also help in resolving this condition. Ayurvedic natural supplements for autism can effectively tackle this condition by maintaining an optimal healthy mental state, & balancing bio-elements (Tridoshas). Additionally, Autism hinders the sensory processing capabilities in children (particularly eating). Hence, Ayurveda recommends a unique diet plan for autism which adequately nourishes the patient’s brain while improving the impaired digestion.

“Improves intelligence & learning capabilities”

  • Enhances brain activity.
  • Supports the memory & intellect.
  • Promotes learning & speech.

Natural therapies for autism regulate the movement force (Vata Dosha) & eliminate sensory allergies (light & sound etc.) by naturally integrating the self with the environment. The Ayurvedic dietary supplements for Autism improve the verbal communication in autistic patients. A balanced coordination of learning, memory, & recall (Dhi, Dhriti & Smriti) is required for intellectual capabilities. The R & D based Cephala Go supports the healthy functioning of the brain by improving intelligence & learning capabilities. The natural alternatives for autism such as balanced nutritional diet plans & physical therapies boost the energy levels of the cells of body & brain.

The ingredients of Cephala Go show high affinity for neural receptors. This formulation increases acetylcholine (Ach) content in the hippocampi of the brain, which supports the neurochemical basis of improving learning & memory. While triggering protection against oxidative damage, Cephala Go acts as a natural potential neuro-protective agent for neural cells & tissues. Cephala Go boosts the memory, enhances mental performance, stimulates brain functioning, & calms the nervous system. The natural adaptogenic ingredients of Cephala Go enhance the social behavior, concentration, & learning skills in autistic patients. It acts as natural rejuvenator (Medhya Rasayana) to provide long-term relief from such dreadful neurodegenerative diseases and offers healthy cooling of mind. Cephala Go has Zero Side-Effects & NO withdrawal symptoms.

Useful home remedies to fight autism

  • Restful night sleep helps autistic children to remain relaxed.
  • Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) baths are very effective in autism as the body absorbs magnesium which has a calming effect while sulfur supports detoxification.

Diet for Autism

  • Drink cow’s milk. Add fats – like clarified butter (Ghee) from cow’s milk or medicated ghee in the diet.
  • Drink boiled water whenever thirsty. Eat green vegetable peas, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, beans, corns, nuts green gram, red gram, apple, watermelon, kiwi, papaya mango, Amla, pomegranate, carrot, & pear.
  • Avoid diet rich in gluten like wheat, barley, rye, junk food, oily/spicy food, stale food, cold drinks, cheese, coffee, curd, desserts, groundnuts, meat, potato, sago, & sweet potato, etc.

Pranayama, Yoga & Exercise for Autism

Anulom Vilom/Sheetali/Bhramari Pranayama: – These Pranayamas increase the blood flow to the head region, improve flexibility, and activate the brain cells. By regular practice, physical functioning becomes more integrated and less stressful.

Viparita Karani/Sarvangasana/Matsyasana/Halasna: – These Asanas result in improved circulation of the vital energies. These techniques release all deeply held physical and emotional tensions. All these also help those having a difficulty in speech. These Yogic exercises normalize the brain function & are useful in combating the learning disorders.

Sensory Feedback Strategies/Strengthening Exercises on Swiss ball: – Depending on whether the child is under-responsive or over-responsive, the feedback strategies for visual, auditory, vestibular, tactile, gustatory, olfactory, and proprioceptive system are also advised.

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