Heart health & cholesterol problems

Ayurveda states that there are three vital body organs where life resides.

Heart (Hridaya), Brain (Shira) & Bladder (Basti).

Of all these, Heart is the most important organ.

The main reason for the deteriorated heart health is poor lifestyle & wrong dietary regimen. The ancient medical science of Ayurveda describes heart health & cholesterol problems in details under Hridyarogas. Heart connects all internal channels (Srotas) of the body viz. Plasma (Rasa), blood (Rakta), muscles (Mamsa), fat (Medas), bone (Asthi), bone marrow (Majja), and reproductive tissues (Shukra). Due to wrong eating habits, the digestive fire dwindles, causing unhealthy fat accumulation across circulatory channels. As a result, the fat which is meant to reach the bones & the reproductive tissues, gets deposited in the circulatory organs. This condition enhances cholesterol production causing excess LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) depositions in the form of plaque along the walls of arteries. Thus, narrowed & blocked arteries (atherosclerosis) hinder the blood circulation.

Natural remedies for cholesterol control: Burn the bad cholesterol naturally

Natural therapy of 5000 years old medical science of Ayurveda focuses on the natural remedies for cholesterol reduction and of lowering down of the high cholesterol levels by adequate dietary habits, Yoga, Pranayama along with powerful cardioprotective herbs. These natural solutions aim at enhancing the digestive fire (Agni) which further targets the various tissues of the body to prevent unhealthy deposition of the cholesterol. These cardioprotective herbs prevent the new accumulation of cholesterol level in arteries. Simultaneously, the natural cholesterol absorption inhibitors begin to dissolve the already accumulated deposition of bad cholesterol in the circulatory system and thus prevent further progression of heart disease.


“Rejuvenating combination for healthy circulatory system”

  • Maintains healthy cholesterol level.
  • Promotes and strengthens the muscles of the heart.
  • Supports healthy blood circulation.
  • Protects your heart against fear, anxiety, & repressed emotions.

CARDIO SUPPORT naturally decreases LDL cholesterol levels and cleanses the blocked arteries. Natural ingredients of CARDIO SUPPORT (Rudraksha in particular) promote natural relaxation by reducing excess body heat. Regular use of CARDIO SUPPORT improves pumping activity of the heart by improving the strength of heart muscle. It also reduces edema due to its diuretic action and decreases retention of water and hence helpful in maintaining optimum blood pressure.

Diet for Heart health: Vegan diet to reduce cholesterol naturally

  • Include whole grain viz. wheat, oats, porridge, pulses, legumes, and sprouts in the diet.
  • All green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, beans, capsicum, cabbage etc. are good for heart health.
  • Include fruits like apple, papaya, guava, pear, pomegranate, strawberries in the diet.
  • Include nuts, seeds, and double toned milk (curd, yogurt, buttermilk) in the diet.
  • Avoid fried foods, bakery products, carbonated beverages (energy drink and squash), sugary foods (jams, cake, pudding, & cream), preparation of refined flour, corn flour, starchy foods.
  • Avoid saturated fats (butter, refined oil), table salt, & oily pickles etc.

Cholesterol & Yoga / Pranayama / Exercises

Pranayamas: Sheetali Pranayama/Left nostril breathing (Chandrabhedi Pranayama)

These are very effective in lowering the blood pressure. They promote the free flow of life force through the body. They activate powerful evaporative cooling mechanism and parasympathetic system of the body which brings back high blood pressure to normal. They reduce tension, stress, anxiety, body heat, & activates digestive fire. They are effective in calming body, mind, emotions, and anxiety.

Yoga Asanas: Corpse poses (Shavasana)/ Butterfly poses (Baddha Konasana)

They release stress, repair heart cells and tissues. They decrease sympathetic activity & oxidative stress. They soothe the nervous system & activate the parasympathetic system. They also address stress/fatigue & are also useful for kidneys, bladder, and ovaries health.

Exercises: Stretching exercises/ Aerobic activities

They reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressures. They increase flexibility, enhance muscular coordination, & improve ROM (Range of Motion). They reduce visceral fat, plasma renin, catecholamine activity, sympathetic activity and increase parasympathetic tonicity.

Precautions: Don’t hold your breath in any of the exercises because it can lead to increased blood pressure according to Valsalva maneuver. All these have to be carried out only under mild and moderately elevated blood pressure.


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