How Ayurvedic Treatment for CKD (Chronic Kidney Diseases) is beneficial?

CKD stands for chronic kidney diseases which cause kidney failures if proper treatment is not provided. The mainstream Ayurvedic treatment of CKD is regular dialysis or a kidney transplant operation.

Kidneys are some of the most adaptable organs in the human body. This means that if you have a problem in your body, your Kidneys will start accommodating the problem. Till the time you get to know or experience about the problem or the symptoms, it’s almost too late. Chronic kidney diseases can happen due to various reasons such as stress, diabetes, High BP, Family History, Tobacco use or hypertension.

A report by National Kidney Foundation it came to light that almost 10% of the people worldwide are affected by the CKD and millions of people die because of the unaffordable treatment. Talking about the facts of India only, As per a report by Medlife India in the year 2015 almost 1.2 million people lost their lives because of this disease. This is a daunting number which horrifies even more when we know that most of the people out of these could have been saved if the treatment was affordable.

Ayurveda is an alternate medicine system which has its roots in India. It is proven as one of the best natural medicines. It does not have any side effects and works directly on the problem. The Kidneys are made of rakta and medhdhaatus and optimised ApanaVayu which is proven to influence Kidneys positively.

Nirogam has made a Natural Therapy which is proven to be beneficial to remove the chances of renal failure. The therapy works on all the things rationally. The natural therapy for CKD repairs manages and controls all the vulnerabilities which can cause the disease.

  1. Renal Tissue Repair- This therapy works on the problem and repairs the damaged tissues and further controls the problem.
  2. Electrolyte Imbalance Management: With the help of this treatment they optimize and manage the levels of sodium and Potassium often referred to as the electrolytes in other terms and bring them down to a normal range.
  3. Blood Urea Level Management: The blood urea level management is considered as the mandatory because if this is not managed then it results in multiple organ failure. Along with this, it neutralizes the levels of blood urea in the body.
  4. Serum Creatinine Level Management: This is another process of the treatment where it finally restores the functioning of the impaired kidney.

This is the basic working of the treatment and every step has its basic working which helps to understand how the Ayurvedic treatment for CKD by Nirogam can help or benefit the patient. This treatment works to detoxify the body and removes all the toxins from the body and maintains the optimum health of the kidneys by flushing out harmful chemicals.

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