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Yellow Fever

How did ancient man tackle Yellow Fever? Natural alternatives for Yellow Fever Yellow fever is an infectious viral fever. Across the globe yellow fever is also known as black vomit, yellow plaque etc.The ancient medical science of Ayurveda (Science of life) has scripted yellow fever as Pittaj Jwara. Apart from jaundice, yellow fever can cause […]

How to eat a pizza in a healthy way?

How to eat?

How to eat a pizza in a healthy way? Is it what we eat or how we eat? “Ushanam Chashniyat”: Always eat moderately warm food. The warm food is a natural carminative (relieves flatulence). Hot meals aid proper digestion by activating digestive enzymes and increasing healthy secretion of digestive juices which also naturally increase the […]

Ayurveda For Happy Stomach

Food is essential for our survival. Whatever we eat is what we derive energy from and this energy is used for the performance of life supporting activities in our body that include movement, speech, thinking, seeing, hearing  etc. Every single action and reaction performed at any level, will consume some amount of energy that has […]

Natural Solution For Childhood Constipation

Childhood constipation is a common phenomenon often characterized by infrequent passage of stools or passage of hard stool. Sometimes constipation shows up as large hard stools that are painful to push out. Some children suffer from constipation for days or even for weeks, and  some children with constipation may have bowel movements every day. This can […]