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Get yourself the best Ayurvedic treatment of Kidney Failure in USA:

Ayurvedic treatment of Kidney Failure in USA

Kidneys are vital organs of the human body that are responsible for discarding the waste from the body. Kidney failure implies that they stop functioning for your survival. The kidneys are unable to filter out waste in kidney failure and toxic elements start accumulating in the human body.  End-stage renal kidney disease (ESRD) is also […]

Cure Nephrotic syndrome with Ayurveda’s best treatment:-

Cure Nephrotic syndrome with Ayurveda’s best treatment

Kidneys are a significant organ for the human body that removes the waste and excess fluids from the human body to maintain a healthy body. Damage to the kidney can be fatal because they are very important for the survival of a person. Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disease that can cause the human body […]

Why is Ayurvedic Treatment for PKD is most effective?

Ayurvedic Treatment for PKD

Kidneys are responsible for eliminating wastes from the human body. If the toxic waste goes on accumulating in the body then it can prove fatal. Kidney cleanses the blood and produces urine. PKD is also known as polycystic kidney disease. It is a genetic disease in which sacs filled with fluid are formed in the […]

Ayurvedic treatment for PKD ( Polycystic Kidney Disease) ?

Ayurvedic Treatment for PKD

PKD is an inherited kidney problem which causes fluid-filled cysts to form in the kidneys. These fluid-filled cysts grow constantly and hence enlarge the kidneys size. These cysts go on displacing the nephrons by causing them to damage completely and the condition further leads to kidney failure. Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) […]

Best Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda

Best Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, CKD is a disease of Mutravaha Srotas (excretory system). A faulty diet /improperly cooked food (Viruddh ahar), & lifestyle factors (Viruddh Vihar) hampers all the three Doshas (Bio- elements) as well as all the Dushyas (Tissues) of body, Kapha (Fluid element) is responsible in blocking microvessels and developing microangiopathy. Vata (Air element) […]

Ayurvedic Treatment for Nephrotic syndrome

Ayurvedic Treatment for Nephrotic syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is a pathological condition in which permeability of glomerular basement membrane to plasma protein increased. It results in low blood proteins (albumin), high cholesterol, and high triglyceride levels in the blood. In Ayurvedic classical text books, Nephrotic syndrome is  mentioned under the Prameha Rog (a disease of urinary system with altered composition, frequency […]

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure: The safest possible cure.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure

Our kidneys filter about 8 litres of blood every hour. The kidneys are the reason for the correct amount of water in our body and it eliminates waste from our body. So it is important to look after the health of kidneys.  Kidneys are called vrikka in Ayurveda. It mentions that the kidney is made […]

How Best Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda helps you Prevent Kidney disease?

How Best Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda helps you Prevent Kidney disease

Kidney problems are really common nowadays because of the type of lifestyle we follow. We need to get this checked. So, how often do you get your kidney health checked? How often do you get yourself tested? Or how often do you feel the need to visit the best kidney doctor for the same? All the questions […]

Why is Ayurvedic Treatment for Nephrotic syndrome is important?

Why is Ayurvedic Treatment for Nephrotic syndrome is important

Nephrotic Syndrome is not a disease. These are a set of symptoms which can appear when a person’s kidneys are not in proper functioning. The main job of the kidneys is to filter the blood and allow it to pass the body’s waste material through urine.  The nephrotic syndrome appears when excess protein is excreted […]

Ayurvedic Treatment For Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Poylcystic kidney disease

Kidneys are the vital organs that filter out the waste products from our blood and evict them out of our body through our excretory system. Kidneys are involved in excretion of wastes, re-absorption of vital nutrients, blood pressure stimulation and Hormone secretion etc. The vitiation of the Tri-doshas of human anatomy leads to the condition […]