How useful and safe is the Ayurvedic treatment in polycystic kidney disease?

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder and is caused by an abnormality in certain genes. In this fluid-filled cysts are formed in the kidneys. These cysts are non-cancerous in nature and may vary in size. If there is a presence of a single cyst on your kidney, then you don’t need to worry about this situation. The presence of multiple cysts on your kidneys can impair the functioning of your kidneys.PKD, if left untreated, may impair kidney function and cause kidney failure. Apart from kidney failure, this disorder is also responsible for other health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes. Medicines based on ayurvedic formulations aim to heal nephrons to the desirable extent so that total kidney impairment and advancement of disease is checked or controlled. Thus, the following course of treatment is suggested and advised to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. When it comes to the treatment of Lesion kidney disease, we work on two aspects:
  1. Prevention of formation of new polycystic with the usage of our ayurvedic srotoshodhak medications.
  2. Repair of damaged nephrons, i.e. the damage that has already occurred to the functional units of the kidney, due to the pressure exerted by multiple lesions.
Largely, patients who are facing this disease have a higher level of S.Creatinine and B.Urea in their body. This normally leads to kidney failure and the patient has to undergo dialysis or he is on the verge of going for dialysis. Even in that advanced stage of the disease, Ayurvedic medicines can give good results to the patients. LINE OF TREATMENT IN POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE We use REUC therapy for the treatment and management of our renal failure:
  • R-Renal tissue repair
  • E-Electrolyte imbalance management
  • U-Blood Urea level management
  • S-Serum Creatinine level management
  • The first and foremost step of our treatment is to repair the inflamed renal tissue to the desirable extent and to bring the elevated levels of S.Creatinine and Blood Urea to the normal level. With the help of our herbs, these levels are gradually restored to their normal levels. The medicines target the damaged nephrons and repair those to the optimum level so that these can filter out toxins from the body and maintain B.Urea and S.Creatinine to the normal level. The second step of the treatment is to maintain the levels of electrolytes like Sodium, Potassium, etc. to the required levels in the blood of the kidney patient. The importance of maintaining the levels of these electrolytes is very important because even a slight imbalance of these can cause kidney impairment and may endanger the life of the patient. Our third step is to maintain the equilibrium of B.Urea levels in the body because if urea crosses normal range in the body, it may cause various undesirable complications, ranging from mild ones like itching, loss of appetite, etc. to severe ones like fits and loss of consciousness. Our medication acts the quickest towards restoring the Blood Urea levels and generally, the level starts decreasing right from the very first dosage of our medicine. Our Fourth step is to restore the S. Creatinine levels of our patient to its normal value. S.Creatinine is a marker which indicates the levels of toxins that are present in the body. Hence, once the levels of S.Creatinine of the patient starts decreasing and this is a clear indication that the amount of all sorts of toxins in the body are decreasing and the excretory function of the kidney is being restored slowly. Generally, the S.Creatinine levels of the patient start to decrease from 7th day to 15th day of our medication. ALONG WITH THE ABOVE STEPS OF TREATMENT, WE MONITOR VARIOUS KEY PARAMETERS AND GUIDE PATIENT IN DIET MANAGEMENT TO CHECK AND SLOW DOWN THE PROGRESSION OF KIDNEY DISORDER FROM TAKING FATAL CHRONIC FORM OR RENAL FAILURE. Our specialised formulations are a combination of herbal decoction, nephron repairing herbal and mineral extracts. These are effective in extending blood vessels and combat inflammation and degrading extracellular matrix, thereby transporting enough nutrition to the damaged nephrons and prompting their self-repair. Besides, our herbs strengthen the Immune System to fight chronic problems. These play a central role in supporting those cells involved in our immunological defences, thus reducing the relapse of the condition. Furthermore, Precious minerals like the pearl in large quantities in our medicines act as a catalyst by penetrating in cells quickly, thus, enhancing the healing of tissues. Patients show signs of improvement from the first dosage itself Our ayurvedic medicines aim to heal nephrons in the kidney to the desirable extent to avoid total kidney impairment and preventing the advancement of disease to the level where dialysis and kidney transplant becomes imperative for the patient. We aim to identify and eradicate the cause of Kidney Disorders rather than just suppressing the symptoms.

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