Benefits Of Waking Up In Brahma Mahurat

 “Brahma mahurat uttishtet swastho rakshaarthamayushah |”

A person who is interested in preserving his health and longevity should get up early in the morning in Brahmi- mahurat. Brahma means knowledge. The time apt for perceiving knowledge is known as Brahma mahurat. There is a saying “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” It has truth in it for people who wake up earlier than others often finish their tasks ahead of time. These people are often more successful than others. According to Ayurveda, “Brahmi Mahurat” is the time to wake up. This is the early morning period (last 1- 1.5 hours of the night).  This time is very auspicious and Satwik in nature. According to Astanga Sangraham, before waking up in the morning, one should assure proper digestion of food taken during last night. Dinacharya is a Wonderful concept gifted by Ayurveda to the whole world. Dinacharya starts with getting up from sleep in the Brahmi mahurat.


  • Brahmi Mahurat is the best time for the maintenance of all types of physical, mental and spiritual activities of the body.
  • Brahmi Mahurat is the best time to start study enabling maximum concentration for learners.
  • Early morning is vata dominating period. Vata dosha is helpful in promoting body movements, both internal and external, and thus helps in easy evacuation of bowel.
  • Tuning our biological clock to the rising and setting of the sun is the best way for reversing the aging process.
  • Wake up in the morning is the time when cortisol hormone secretion is maximum. Hence waking up early in the morning helps proper stimulation of all body organs.
  • Getting up early in the morning gives you time to arrange your daily activities more elegantly.
  • For Exercise, Yoga and Pranayama, there is no other time as good as early morning.

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