Gokshura Guggulu


  • Acts as a rasayana ( rejuvenation)
  • Supports healthy urinary & kidney functions
  • Promotes expulsion of natural toxins through urine.
  • Promotes healthy flow of urine

Description: Gokshura Guggulu is one of the herbal rejuvenating herb which can be helpful in various kinds of urinary disturbances. It gives soothing effect on the membranes and improves the flow of fluids in the urinary tract. Gokshura Guggulu nourishes and supports kidneys with its natural self cleansing function.

Common usage: Supports healthy urine flow and is a natural source of vitamin C.

Net contents60 Capsules

Each capsule contains: Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) Fruit (Extract) 500 mg


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