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Several centuries ago, enlightened personalities in exploration of divine consolation, composed Ayurveda. In course of time, new treatment methods emerged and relevance of Ayurveda was voluntarily or involuntarily forgotten. But again when modern science and other applauded treatment modes tottered clueless in many situations, world again started realizing the worthiness of Indian ethos and more importantly Ayurveda. We at Om Pharma Ayur, manufacture herbal supplements and is engaged in providing holistic health care counselling and finished products having GMP certifications. We manufacture medicines in the form of tablets to set the benchmark in Ayurveda.

“Samadosha, Samadhatu Samagnischa, malkriyah,
(समदोष: समधातु समाग्निश्चा मलक्रियः)
Prasannatmendriyamanah, Swastha ityabhidhiyate
(प्रसन्नात्मेंद्रियामन: स्वस्थ इत्याभिधियते)”

When doshas, dhatus & agni (digestive fire) is balanced, all tissues of the body and all natural urges are functioning properly and whose mind, body and spirit (self) are cheerful or full of bliss, is a perfectly healthy person. Ayurveda considers the individual as whole and seeks to re-establish harmony between all the constituents of the body and a perfect balance of the tripod – Mind, Body and Spirit. Basically Ayurveda and Om Pharma Ayur is Health promotive – preventive – curative and nutritive – all self contained.

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Why online purchase of Ayurvedic medication from us?

We are emerging online sellers of Ayurvedic products. We not only sell our veritable ayurvedic products but also we provide you a wide range of effective products from other manufacturing firms known for their efficacious products. We work for the ultimate furtherance of people who shows their faith in us by picking and choosing effectual products from other herbal medication suppliers. Our main aim is not to sell ayurvedic formulations just to promote commercialization but to serve humanity by strengthening the relationship between mother earth and its nurturers. We bring out the best herbal remedies by extracting the herbal raw materials from the lap of mother nature and putting them together for the amelioration of human race.


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I am Josh Martin. I was suffering from Psoriasis. I used to feel so low, I stopped talking to anyone. Even stopped going to regularly family gatherings. Then I contacted the Om Pharma Ayur’s expertise with the help of numbers displayed on their website. Their splendid products has helped me get a new hand on life and for that I am grateful. Thank you for changing my life.!

Josh Martin / USA

I, Rajni Sharma wants to share my experience. I was suffering from Diabetes. Over the years, I have tried several different treatments, pills and supplements for my arthritis. Then, I have found Om Pharma Ayur to offer the most effective package till now. It has done a lot to help my joint pain. I have now been able to resume my work and I no longer feel very old and useless. I am feeling very nice overall.

Rajni Sharma / Ludhiana

I am Trisha Chaudhary and I am 30 years old. I was struggling with obesity and no matter what I tried, I just could not get rid of the extra weight. My life was completely miserable. Then I come to know about Om Pharma Ayur. With Ayurvedic Expert’s natural supplements, I have been able to get a complete personality makeover. Thank you!

Trisha Chaudhary / Mumbai

I am Ravi Yadav and I was suffering from Nephrotic syndrome. Then someone advised me to consult Om Pharma Ayur. They guided me very well and now my treatment is running. I have noticed speedy recovery.

Ravi Yadav / Delhi

I am Prashant Thakur. My age is 25 . Few months back, I was suffering from extreme hair loss. Male pattern baldness runs in my family and when I started losing my hair, I started preparing for the worst. Thankfully, I came across the Online web portal Om Pharma Ayur. Their treatment helped me fight my genes. I highly recommend any one suffering from hair fall, must try their treatment once.

Prashant Thakur / Pathankot


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