Many significant steps in this direction are being taken, one of which was in the form of 4th Svastha International Conference on Ayurveda and integrative Medicine, Organized by the Middlesex University, London in collaboration with college of Ayurveda. It is a matter of immense pride and legitimate honour not only for the city of Amritsar, but also for India and the entire Ayurvedic fraternity that Dr. Navdeep Sharma from ND Care Nirogam, Pvt. Ltd. was invited by the Middlesex University, London, U.K to participate in this conference. The main theme of this conference was “Mental Health and Elderly Care” on 21st and 22nd oct, 2017.

Objective of the International Conference: The conference was held at a time where World Health Organization has developed a strategy for Traditional and complementary Medicine for 2014-2023 to harness the potential contribution of T and CM to health, wellness, and to promote safe and effective use of T and CM through regulation research and integration of T and CM products, practices and practitioners into the health, as appropriate. The objective behind this endeavor was to develop an evidence based knowledge body of Ayurvedic Medicine to harness the contribution to health, overall wellness and people centered health care.

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