Natural Care for Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a chronic disability of children that affects the muscles movement and neural coordination. In Ayurvedic terms, cerebral palsy occurs due to vitiation of movement energies (Vata Dosha) and has a close relation with Phakka Roga (inability to move or walk). As per this ancient texts, inappropriate ovulation (Ritu),uterus health (Kshetra),poor nutrition (Ambu),week sperm/ovum (Bija), faulty dietary regimen (Garbhopaghatkarbhavas), & suppression of urges during pregnancy (Dauhrid Avamanana)impart developmental disabilities to the fetus. Additionally, unprofessional labor care (Akala Pravahana),head injury (Shiromarmabhighata),infectious diseases (Graha Roga ), poor care of the new born baby (Shishu Paricharya), etc. may act as risk factors for cerebral palsy.

Natural therapies for Cerebral palsy

The ancient medical science of Ayurveda provides a new hope to children suffering from cerebral palsy. There are specific Panchakarma therapies viz. medicated powder massages (Udwartana), oleation/massage (Snehana), hot fomentation (Swedana), & medicated enema (Basti) etc. Such natural therapies for cerebral palsy along with time-tested herbs for cerebral palsy can play a crucial role to fight against cerebral palsy. Such herbs naturally enhance intelligence (Medhya) & vitality (Balya). The natural ingredients of these herbs act as rejuvenating tonics (Rasayana) to promote healthy physical and mental capabilities. These therapies improve blood constitution & lymphatic circulation while removing the obstructions of the microchannels (Srotoravrodha). The body massages (Abhyanga) with Sida cordifolia oil (Bala Taila) followed by preparation containing milk and rice (Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda) is very effective in improving this condition. Such natural remedies for cerebral palsy minimize the disability, improve the quality of life, and give them active, self-supporting long term relief.

Natural remedies for Cerebral palsy .

“Removes deep toxins from the neuro-muscular system”

  •  Aids healthy joints & neuro-muscular system.
  • Provides relief from muscle and joint stiffness.
  • Rejuvenates & strengthens bones & restores the integrity of the blood vessels.
  • Promotes the blood supply to the joints

Nirogam Rheumocare acts at the level of the nervous system and facilitates proper conduction of signal impulses from the nerves to the muscles. This dietary supplement work wonders in conjunction with external therapies like Panchkarma and physical therapies. These natural herbs balance the vitiated movement energy (Vata Dosha) and clear the obstructions from microchannels and thus improve muscle coordination, blood circulation, and the overall health of the patients. Right from the day of the usage of these dietary supplements, both the movement and mobility improve and gradually give long-term relief from difficulty in speaking, eyesight, writing, chewing, swallowing, poor reflexes, and walking etc.

Cephala Go “A powerful neurological support& effective remedy for Cerebral Palsy”.

• Pacifies motion forces (Vata Dosha).

• Relieves stress & promotes blissful sleep.

• Gives relief from memory fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

• Powerful tonic for nervous system.

Cephala Go is a powerful nervine tonic which nourishes and strengthens the entire nervous system. It is the best rejuvenative formulation (Rasayana) to ensure proper blood circulation in the brain. Cephala Go contains a blend of neuro-relaxing Ayurvedic herbs such as – a) Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum), b) Shunti (Zingiber officinale), c) Pippali (Piper longum), Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), e) Ustukhuddus (Lavandula stoechas), and f) Ajmoda (Apium graveolens). These herbs optimize the blood circulation levels in the brain to fight against cerebral palsy naturally without any adverse effects. For fast action and target orientation, Cephala Go is also enriched with nano-particles of Gypsum.

Diet for Cerebral Palsy

  • High-calorie fruits (avocados, bananas, dates, mangos) and green leafy vegetables are good for body & brain.
  • Healthy fats such as nut butter, coconut milk, and coconut oil can instantly increase nutrition and calorie count.
  • Avoid citrus fruits, garlic, spicy foods, onions, fatty cuts of meat, and carbonated beverages to reduce acid reflux.

Yoga Asana/ Pranayama/ Exercises for Cerebral Palsy

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma viloma), Humming Bee Breath (Bharamri), Left nostril breathing

(Chandra Bhedana Pranayama) – Pranayamas help in releasing excess heat from the body, relieve stress, anxiety, regulate blood pressure, and calm the mind from which a cerebral palsy patient generally suffers.

Childs pose (Balasanas), Mountain pose (Parvatasana), Half spinal twist (Ardamatsyenderasana)- Yoga Asanas collectively help in balancing the body by stretching of shoulder muscles, back muscles, and spinal cord. Deep breathing with all these poses regulates the blood circulation and improves the functioning of the nervous system.

Stretching Exercises- According to the lesion and severity of the disease (spasticity or flaccidity of muscles) these exercises help in obtaining a range of motion in joints, aid in muscle lengthening, increase blood circulation, and initiate nerve conduction.


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